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How to Combine Shipping on eBay in Three Simple Steps

In the past, a product’s cost was the primary expense consideration. But in the world of eCommerce, customers pay close attention to shipment too. In fact, 52% of consumers surveyed in 2019 stated economical delivery was just as important as an item’s rate.

eBay combined shipping is a terrific way to decrease expenses for you and your buyers. It’s likewise a clever method to reward multi-purchase consumers. Sellers can offer it in advance or upon request– whatever you decide, here’s how to combine shipping on eBay

What is eBay combined shipping?

When someone includes several products from your eBay shop to their shopping cart, eBay integrated shipping permits you to send out all their purchases together in one plan.

This makes life easier for you and your buyer. You can also lower your shipping costs and hand down any reduction in charges to the client.

Some sellers set up their eBay account so this discount happens immediately within a shopper’s cart. Others do it by manually developing and sending a new invoice with the combined expenses of shipping.

If your account doesn’t show combined shipping immediately, eBay shoppers can ask for a combined quote by clicking ‘Request overall from seller’ in their cart. Alternatively, they may message a seller directly to ask for an upgraded quote.

How to combine shipping on eBay.

In the name of excellent client service, we recommend setting up automated combined shipping on eBay.

Once carried out, it requires less effort from both you and your clients. It may also lower your store’s opportunities of experiencing negative feedback and shopping cart abandonment.

Here’s how to combine shipping on eBay in three easy steps!

Step 1: Make it possible for combined payments

In the eBay Seller Hub, go to ‘Integrated payments and shipping discount rates‘.

Alternatively, you can access this page under the Account tab in My eBay, just click ‘Website choices’ and then ‘Shipping preferences’.

In order to offer customers combined shipping, you also require to offer them combined payments So, under the ‘Combined payments’ section of this page, you need to click ‘Edit’.

A pop-up screen will then appear. Check package which will ‘Enable buyers to send one combined payment for all items purchased’.

Step 2: Select a time period for combined payments.

In the exact same pop-up, you’ll require to select a period for combined purchases. This is the variety of days over which sales can be combined.

So for example, a three day setting will allow a customer to buy an item today, tomorrow and the next day however have all the charges combined in one invoice and payment. After the 3rd day, any additional purchases will come under a brand-new billing.

The alternatives are 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 14 days or thirty days. Whatever you choose, you can’t expect payment any sooner. As soon as you have your choice chosen, make sure to click ‘Save’. The pop-up interface will then close.

Step 3: Develop shipping guidelines

Back on the primary page, under ‘Combined shipping discount rates’, sellers can set rules which will automatically apply when more than one product from your store is added to a buyer’s cart.

Two alternatives are readily available:

  • Flat shipping guidelines
  • Calculated shipping rules

Just click ‘Produce’ under whichever fits you best and choose an alternative from the dropdown menu.

If you’re working off a flat fee system with your shipping company, you can set a base rate for the very first product and after that include a discount rate on shipping for every single extra purchase.

Additionally, you can produce calculated shipping rules based upon a buyer’s area and the weight of your items. You can merely charge for the combined weights, though some sellers will decide to integrate the weight and offer a discount rate in order to drive several purchases.

You can find out more about the full procedure and factors to consider of setting up these discounts here on eBay’s website. It deserves noting that you can’t establish these rules if you’re currently providing consumers another kind of shipping discount rate.

As soon as set up, customers will automatically see their combined shipping costs in their shopping cart.

How to manually combine shipping on eBay

Some sellers may not wish to offer combined shipping instantly. Possibly your stock is located in several locations. Or possibly some fragile inventory isn’t appropriate for eBay integrated shipping

If you wish to evaluate and price combined shipping on a case-by-case basis, you can by hand issue invoices from the Seller Center.

Initially, you’ll require to enable combined payments within your eBay account– as shown in step 1 above.

Then, when the time concerns provide a billing, you can go to the ‘Sold’ section of your orders. Select one of the products your customer has actually purchased and eBay will show all of their items.

Check the box next to the products you want to combine in one plan and click ‘Send invoice’. You can add your customized shipping charges to the bill, in addition to accepted payment methods and an optional message to the purchaser.

Finally, you can sneak peek and send your billing.

Why combine shipping on eBay?

As we kept in mind above, shipping costs are a key consideration for modern-day consumers. If you wish to stay competitive and get more sales, setting up eBay combined shipping makes total sense.

If you set up shipping guidelines, the reduced rates will automatically appear on your store’s item pages. This is displayed under the shipping section of your listings. It isn’t extremely noticeable, but it might drive extra income for your eCommerce organization by encouraging value-seeking purchasers to convert.

eBay combined shipping is an especially great concept for sellers who concentrate on a single eCommerce specific niche, since it can encourage buyers to make several purchases.

Other advantages of eBay combined shipping

Along with driving conversions, using eBay combined shipping offers a range of other advantages to both sellers and buyers. Here are a few more factors to think about the it for your store:

  • Benefit: Only one plan needs to be prepared and delivered by the seller. And only one bundle needs to be signed for by the purchaser. This conserves both parties time.
  • Excellent customer service: Integrated shipping can be confusing however it is a fantastic method to make your customers delighted, whether you provide it immediately or on request. This can result in more repeat purchases, devoted consumers and positive feedback.
  • Savings: Yes, clients conserve cash when you hand down combined shipping discounts. However sellers also save on product packaging and eBay costs. The smaller the last order amount is, the smaller your Final value fee to eBay is.
  • More exposure on eBay: Providing competitive shipping is a crucial method to increase exposure in search results page and enhance your listings for eBay’s ‘Best Match’ position.

Last ideas

If you’re unable to use shoppers totally free shipping, eBay combined payments and shipping are a great option. They offer eBay shoppers worth, while also helping you drive conversions.