Whether you are an Amazon seller looking for software to help with your listings, a cross-list seller interested in utilizing the best tools, a shopper looking for cashback websites, or a bookseller seeking software for your business, there are numerous affiliate links available to help you achieve your goals. In this blog page, we will explore some of the best resources available, including Amazon listing software such as Accelerlist, cross-list software like ListPerfectly, cashback websites like Rakuten, and software for booksellers like ASellerTool/Scoutly. We also offer links to products that we use on a daily basis within our business, these links can be found HERE.

Accounting Software
MyResellerGenie (Use code “ITSAHAZARDLIFE”; 15% off your first month) – https://itsahazardlink.com/myresellergenie

Best Crossposting To 11+ platforms
ListPerfectly (Use code “resellersdream”; 30% off your first month) – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/listperfectly

eBay Tools
Size.ly – www.itsahazardlink.com/Sizely

Amazon Related
Accelerlist – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/Accelerlist
ASellerTool/Scoutly – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/asellertool
ScoutIQ – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/ScoutIQ
Jungle Scout – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/JungleScout
AMZ Scout – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/AMZScout
FeedbackWhiz – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/FeedbackWhiz
Keepa – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/KeepaData

Merch Related
MyDesigns – https://itsahazardlink.com/MyDesigns
Printful – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/printful
Printify – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/Printify
Flying Research – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/FlyingResearch
Merchinformer – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/merchinformer (Use code “biohazardpicker” for 20% off)
DepositPhotos – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/depositphotos
Society6 – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/society6
Book Bolt – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/BookBolt
CreativeFabrica – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/CreativeFabrica

Selling Platforms
Etsy (40 Free Listings) – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/Etsy
Kidizen (Earn a $5 credit) – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/kidizen
Mercari (Get a $30.00 credit) – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/mercari
Poshmark – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/Poshmark
Tradesy – (Get a $10.00 credit) – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/tradesy
ThredUp (Get $10 to spend) – https://itsahazardlink.com/thredup
Vinted – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/vinted
Whatnot (Get $3 to spend) – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/whatnot

Buy Discounted Gift Cards
CardCash – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/CardCash

Cash Back Related
Upside – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/Upside
GasBuddy – https://itsahazardlink.com/GasBuddy
Drop – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/drop
Rakuten – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/rakuten
Honey – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/honey
Dosh – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/dosh
TopCashback – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/topcashback
Ibotta – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/ibotta
Shopkick – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/Shopkick

Content Creator Software
Hy.Page (Link In Bio) – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/HyPage2
Linko – https://linko.me/?ref=749

Other Business Tools
Canva – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/Canva
Later – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/Later

Home/Business Internet
T-Mobile 5G Internet – www.itsahazardlink.com/TMobile5G

LiveStream Software
TubeBuddy – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/tubebuddy

Therapy Service For Those Who Might Need It
BetterHelp – https://www.itsahazardlink.com/BetterHelp