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11 Ways to Find Trending Products To Sell on Your eCommerce Site | ItsAHazardLife

11 Ways to Find Trending Products To Sell on Your eCommerce Site

Using a trending product group can be a found diamond for any type of eCommerce website. That’s due to the fact that a trending item means much less competition on Google. Fewer Facebook ads in that space. And you can typically charge greater than you might for a product with 1000+ rivals. All of which can improve your margins.

The question is: exactly how do you discover products that are trending before your competitors do? Well, that’s specifically what we’re mosting likely to cover in today’s blog post.

1. Amazon Suggest

If you run an eCommerce site, you most likely currently make use of to locate product and group suggestions.

Yet what you might not know is that Amazon’s search suggest function is a fantastic method to discover trending product as well as group keyword phrases. Frequently prior to they get a devoted classification on

As an example, allow’s say that you sell dog treats. Well, you would certainly get in “dog treats” right into’s search bar. And also see what keywords they suggest. Those are trending searches that great deals of consumers are trying to find. As a bonus offer, these are usually “long tail key phrases” that are relatively low-competition in terms of Search Engine Optimization.

Pro Tip: You can use this very same method to any kind of eCommerce website with a durable search feature. So if you’re in the pet room, you might utilize this technique on Chewy or PetSmart’s website.

2. Google Trends

If you’re considering adding an item to your eCommerce website, ensure to inspect that item’s search growth in Google Trends first. Also if a product has a great deal of searches currently, that doesn’t indicate it will certainly in 12-18 months.

So head over to Google Trends. Key in your item. And also take a look at the trend line.

Obviously, if the trend is moving up, that’s a good indication. However you additionally intend to assess the fad line itself. A sharp upward fad can often represent a trend. As well as by the time you resource your product and include it to your website, the fad could be on its method out.

On the other hand, a slow-and-steady upward trend often means that the fad is right here to stay over the tool to long-term.

3. Customer Support Tickets

Client assistance tickets (especially, product requests) can uncover covert demand that would be tough to discover any other way.

For this method to function, you do need to have an eCommerce website with some traction. Yet if you do, you should ask your client service representatives to bubble up item demands as much as somebody that manages items. By doing this, they can detect patterns.

And if they notice the same item (or product group) being asked for over and also over again, it could be a good concept to place that right into production ASAP.

4. Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics is a curated checklist of hundreds of various trending topics. And also the tool has a section especially dedicated to “Products”.

That stated, you most likely likewise intend to have a look at trends in your industry. For example, if you’re in the supplement space, you can see trends under the “Health” area. And get a concept of the trends taking place in that room.

Even if they aren’t product-focused terms, you can utilize these fads to obtain a suggestion of what will come to be large in your details particular niche.

5. The Facebook Ad Library

The Facebook ad library is an untapped source of new, arising product concepts. Why?

Since the majority of DTC brands with brand-new items kick off their advertising and marketing with a Facebook advertising campaign. As well as if you watch on completing brands, you can see exactly what products they’re offering by means of their ads. (In addition to their creatives and advertisement copy).

The only drawback of this strategy is that you have to currently know the brand that you wish to look for beforehand. Once you have a brand in mind that often tends to introduce a great deal of brand-new items, you can make having a look at their ads using the Facebook Advertisements Library part of your competitive study routine.

6. Shopify’s Trending Product Listing

Shopify keeps a regularly-updated listing of trending products. On the surface, this listing appears like simply an article. Yet the advantage of having a look at this listing is that the data is based 100% for sale.

So while Google Trends and also Amazon Suggest can help reveal you what items individuals are searching for, this listing reveals you what sort of products people are really getting in addition to data on just how much sales are boosting.

7. Movers and Shakers

Amazon’s Movers and Shakers listing can assist you locate products that have trended over the last couple of days. This suggests it’s not constantly the very best means to discover long-lasting fads. Yet it’s ideal if you’re a dropshipper. Or have the capacity to launch items promptly.

They even arrange products by various classifications (like electronic devices and also elegance). That way, you can zero-in on trending items that connect straight to what you offer on your website.

8. Reddit Conversations

There’s absolutely a great deal of sound vs signal on Reddit. However if you want to dig through long discussions, you can frequently reveal intriguing items. One of the most uncomplicated method is to browse a product-focused subreddit, like “Shut Up And Also Take My Money”. And there’s worth there.

However maybe the very best way to capture value out of Reddit is to hang around on subreddits connected to your niche. So if you market classic garments on your eCommerce website, spend a long time on fashion-related subreddits. And also keep an eye out for patterns.

9. Pinterest Suggest

This functions just like the search recommend method that we described previously. However you can occasionally uncover hidden treasures on Pinterest that will not show up on for months.

10. YouTube Unboxing Videos

YouTube’s “unboxing” videos remain to be a mainstay on the system. And for sure eCommerce specific niches (like style, beauty as well as electronics) these can be a goldmine for figuring out what products are seeing raised need.

All you need to do is look on YouTube for terms like “unboxing” or “unboxing” + your product category. And take a look at some of the current video clips. Keep an eye out for relatively new video clips (less than a week old) that have a high variety of views. These video clips can sometimes even toss fuel on the fire for an item that’s simply starting to pattern.

11. Etsy

With millions of sellers and also tens of millions of products, Etsy is an excellent way to get your finger on the pulse of what’s selling well in your area.

The terrific feature of investigating on Etsy is that most of these products have a tendency to be homemade (or a minimum of artisanally made). So products on Etsy in some cases fad well prior to an item becomes mass-produced and also goes mainstream.

The only catch right here is that looking into products on Etsy is truly only helpful in specific niches (like home, yard, fashion, toys and also style). So if you sell supplements, Etsy might not make good sense for you.

Last Ideas

That wraps up our list of approaches that you can use to locate trending products to sell.

One thing to remember as you experience this list is that any type of one technique possibly won’t be enough. To discover those real concealed gems, you usually require to cast a wide web. Which indicates applying a variety of these methods at the exact same time.

When you do, you’ll typically be able to reveal trending products that your competitors does not understand about yet.