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eBay Selling Limits: What Are They and How Can You Raise Them? | ItsAHazardLife

eBay Selling Limits: What Are They and How Can You Raise Them?

Trust is the bedrock of eCommerce. Offering a trusted service keeps customers returning, but exactly how does eBay make certain everyone is playing by the regulations? The system of eBay marketing limits offers you a possibility to reveal your reliability, without lowering possibilities to offer. Let’s find out more.

What are eBay offering limits? selling restrictions, in some cases called marketing allocations, are constraints placed by on the variety of listings some sellers, especially brand-new ones, are enabled to post. This is to protect customers from the possibility of fraud, or being sold fake or stolen products.

For new vendors, the limit begins at 10 items each month, with a complete worth of $500. A lot more well established vendors that demonstrate credibility can relate to have their eBay selling limitations raised.

You show this credibility not just by marketing even more items, but by providing in a timely manner and also providing excellent customer support to collect favorable comments.

What sorts of eBay selling restrictions exist? has an advanced system in position to keep an eye on possible frauds while still giving an open, welcoming marketplace for vendors and customers. This involves three sorts of offering limitations:

  • Account-based selling restrictions which are placed on you, the seller
  • Category-based marketing limits, put on certain types (categories) of item
  • Item-based marketing limits, put on details things

Account-based selling restrictions

Account-based selling limits allow examine your account as well as validate individual details to ensure you are that you say you are. Particular item categories have their very own limits and also aren’t influenced by account-based limits, including:

  • Property
  • Service, workplace, and also commercial
  • Cars and trucks, bikes, as well as lorries

It’s easy to see why these three aren’t subject to account-based limitations Any type of sale of building, as an example, is likely to drop above that $500 introductory limit.

For every little thing else, the details restrictions related to each account can vary from vendor to vendor. The Offer Your Product kind will certainly show your account’s limitations whenever you upload a listing.

Exactly how do account-based eBay selling limits work? restricts the variety of sold as well as active items permitted on your account every month. Products formally count towards the limitation when they’re sold; an unsold listing which ends does not count towards the month-to-month allowance.

So for instance, say you open a new account with a restriction of 10 things. You provide 5 as well as successfully market 3, the other 2 expire. You’re entrusted seven listings to use up for the remainder of that month.

eBay may finish listings which press you over your restriction. Excellent ‘Til Cancelled restrictions, as an example, will not auto-renew if you locate on your own over your account-based marketing limit. marketing limitations exist to incentivize sellers to provide a good experience for customers. Not only can your account’s selling limitation be relaxed if you deliver that experience, it can be tightened up if you stop working to fulfill ebay’s performance standards.

You can evaluate any type of extra restrictions on your account from your Vendor Dashboard.

Category-based selling limits.

Also if you have actually been efficiently selling for a while, eBay selling restrictions might be positioned on your account if you branch out to a new category of product. This is to provide you time to manage inventory as well as find out the subtleties of this new area.

Category-based selling limits may be put on you if:

  • You’re still within 90 days of your first successful sale
  • You’re brand-new to marketing things in this classification
  • It’s been over a year given that you sold an item in this category
  • More than 3% of your purchases over the past year have caused instances being opened up against you

Item-based selling restrictions

It’s a depressing fact of eCommerce life that some products are simply more susceptible to fakes or unauthorized replicas than others. Designer handbags and watches, for instance. If you start selling specific products with a high risk of imitation, you may have extra restrictions enforced temporarily.

This is attached to eBay’s Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program. eBay is devoted to supporting everyone on the platform, whether consumers, vendors, or those holding the intellectual property civil liberties to products.

Item-based selling restrictions ensure everyone plays reasonable, and also add to’s standing as one of one of the most trusted marketplaces on Earth for dealing luxury products.

How to discover your selling limit

When you publish a brand-new listing, any type of selling restrictions on your account will certainly be revealed on display. There are also two methods to check any kind of limitations without attempting to post a new listing:

  1. Click My eBay in the web page header
  2. Sign in
  3. Go to Offer or Marketing Manager on the left-hand side of the page


  1. Go to your Seller Center
  2. Navigate to the Summary area

Exactly how do you increase your selling restrictions?

Given that marketing limitations of all types are there to secure customers from unreliable vendors, lots of restrictions get lifted automatically once you’ve verified you’re the actual offer. Marketing accurately and also getting excellent feedback for 90 days or even more can bring about constraints being lifted without you needing to ask for an evaluation.

Asking for a review of selling limits proactively motivates vendors when they’re approaching their monthly marketing limitation, along with when they’ve reached it. In many cases, these triggers will certainly come with the option to request a testimonial of your account activity. If you have actually been providing a good solution for long enough, your selling limitations might be loosened up.

You can additionally locate a web link to request a review of your account’s limits by:

  1. Clicking My eBay in the page header
  2. Going to the All Offering area
  3. Navigating to Regular Monthly Allowances


  1. Mosting likely to your Vendor Hub
  2. Selecting Overview might also call you sometimes to verify your personal info, call information, as well as details regarding your business. Giving and verifying this information can result in restrictions being loosened up on your account.

Selling limits on multiple accounts

It’s feasible you might utilize various accounts to sell on eBay. Linking a much more established vendor account to a newer one could imply less limitations. For this to take place, the older account should have:

No unresolved cases
Detailed vendor ratings of 4.8 or greater in all areas
Feedback from a successful sale from a minimum of 90 days back

If these standards are satisfied, you can request higher selling allocations.

Selling restrictions for established sellers

If you have actually been marketing on for a long period of time and also offering a good solution, you’re far less most likely to encounter limiting marketing limits. You can ask for a review at any time, and it helps to have:

  • Positive comments from clients
  • No unsettled situations
  • A developed, active marketing background of a minimum of 90 days
  • No questions over your item’s authenticity
  • PayPal confirmation
  • A good track record of playing by eBay’s policies

What if my request for higher eBay offering limits gets rejected?

If you obtain looser eBay marketing restrictions, however you do not currently fulfill the requirements, do not stress. You can re-apply later on once you have actually accumulated the great standing of your account. You can also simply wait and also post more items next month when the limit revitalizes.

Bear in mind also that constraints could put on some things but not others. If you have actually just branched out into a new line of products, category-based limits could apply only to those products, leaving the remainder of your stock unaffected.

Final Thoughts

eBay has actually done a wonderful work of securing clients from eCommerce bad guys, without creating an atmosphere that unfairly penalizes sincere sellers like you. Many are in this ready the long-term, to make sure that 90-day preliminary limitation passes in no time.