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eBay Images: Requirements, Guidelines & Product Photo Tips

Your pictures play an essential duty in just how well your listings convert and extra importantly, how effective you are as an vendor.

In fact, regardless of how much time you invest enhancing your listings to appear on top of pertinent eBay searches, if your item pictures aren’t a high sufficient quality, everything else will certainly become a lost initiative. item images to drive even more sales?

Below’s what you need to understand.

eBay image requirements

Making certain that your item images adhere to eBay’s standards is crucial, as failing to do so can negatively affect noting exposure and also endanger your seller account.

Listed below, we have listed a few of the requirements for making use of pictures in your listings.

Listings need to have a minimum of one image

While you will certainly require to consist of at least one photo per listing, it is worth bearing in mind that you can in fact use up to 12 images totally free. It is advised that you make the most of this allocation, in order to display your items to the most effective of your ability and also consequently rise sales.

Just utilize a stock picture if your item is new or unused

When marketing made use of items, supply pictures can misinform the purchaser, which can in-turn be harmful to your ratings, sales and repeat service. Instead, you should use an image that properly reflects the problem of the item you’re offering, in order to manage customer expectations.

If, nevertheless, the item you are selling is brand-new or reconditioned, you are allowed to use supply images in your listings.

eBay photos have to not have boundaries or include message on them

In order to boost customer experience, the use of message and/or borders on eBay listings are not allowed.

Follow eBay’s minimal image size standards

When marketing on, you must guarantee that the longest side of your image is a minimum of 500 pixels, as this is deemed an optimal size for premium quality pictures.

Make use of actual pictures when using eBay’s catalog

When using’s catalog to detail a made use of product, you will require to submit an image of the item in its real condition, instead of using a stock picture.

Guarantee that any images imported from the internet are HTTPS certified

If you utilize on the surface hosted material in your listings (i.e. cascading style sheets (CSS), images or HTML5) that don’t use the HTTPS communications protocol, your listings may not display correctly and also will not show safety cautions in the web browser.

Back in October 2017, urged all sellers to contact their hosting company or third-party carrier to discover whether they sustain HTTPS.

Get rid of watermarks from photos on eBay

While eBay originally educated vendors that they would be imposing the removal of watermarks from photos as of 1stMarch 2018, eBay later on introduced that this would no longer be the case.

It is suggested, however, that you do eliminate watermarks to boost the consumer experience as well as make certain that you secure better visibility on and in search engines.

eBay photo size

Despite the fact that the lengthiest side of your eBay images should be a minimum of 500 pixels, does in truth advise that you utilize a picture that is at the very least 1,600 pixels on its lengthiest side.

By utilizing excellent quality pictures in your listings, you do likewise raise the probability of sales by ending up being a lot more visible in eBay’s Best Match Search Results.

eBay Photo Tips

Utilize your finest photo as your major listing image

This is the image that will show up in appropriate search engine result and subsequently the image that will initially persuade the buyer whether to click on your listing. When taking/selecting this picture, opt for one that shows the whole product from a great angle.

Utilize a solid background

The use of a strong, simple history not only helps the item to stand apart, however likewise aids to avoid any diversions and also makes the photo appearance as expert as feasible. While a plain white backdrop will be enough, maybe worth investing in a picture outdoor tents if you’re marketing on eBay as an organization.

Clean your products

A few minutes invested cleaning your items (if needed) can go a long method in securing sales. The exact same applies with ironing clothes.

Use the best lighting possible

You may well be kitted out with specialist lights equipment, however otherwise, keep in mind that all-natural daytime can additionally be great for the lighting of your products.

Whatever approach you select, do make sure that the image accurately conveys the colour of the items, as this can otherwise mislead possible buyers and also effect your vendor score (as well as profits).

Showcase the product from numerous angles

Item information is extremely important in your listing summary, however you ought to likewise be giving as much detail as possible through your pictures. With this in mind, make use of your 12 complimentary photos, by taking images of your products at various angles.

It’s likewise crucial to record any mistakes or blemishes, as well as outlining them in your product description.

Consider making use of a tripod

Tripods are an excellent way to boost the expertise of your pictures as well as are specifically valuable when taking clear, detailed shots of your products.

Avoid utilizing props

Props can be distracting and also can confuse the possible customer regarding what it is they’re bidding on/purchasing.

Monitor and update your eBay listings to see success.

Ultimately, the more clear as well as crisper your listing images are, the far better chance you have of obtaining purchasers to firstly click via onto your listing as well as secondly purchase your items.

While we have actually done our best to sum up all of the eBay image demands, pointers and also finest methods, eBay themselves supply further information here.

Certainly, watching on all your eBay listings and making certain that they meet ideal techniques to encourage sales comes to be an extra intricate task as the variety of products you market boosts.

That’s why it deserves examining your possibilities with stock management software. By investing in the right tools, you can save countless hours, make data-driven decisions and develop the profitable eBay company that you so wish to see.