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How to write a Product Insert that is Amazon TOS Compliant

When you purchase products from a website, they often include reading material. This analysis material is marketing for the business and also gives contact info, social web links, and review requests. However has actually always been a little bit challenging when it comes to rules on product inserts.

Provided the rigorous rules over what you can as well as can’t do to clients, the system is complicated to browse relating to product packaging inserts. This post seeks to attend to those troubles by addressing all questions you have actually associated with marketing material in your plan.

1. What are The Benefits of Including an Insert to Amazon Orders?

You might ask, “why would certainly I trouble with these inserts if Amazon is choosy regarding them?” Well, the solution is that the benefits of these inserts include the following:

  • They use a direct means to request evaluations
  • These inserts give you a possibility to restate the value
  • You can give instructions on how to use the product
  • You can advertise various other products from your Amazon storefront
  • You can guide them to your social networks pages
  • The right CTA or instructions can use series of rewards to your consumer. These inserts have the possible to decrease returns, rise brand awareness, as well as provide extra earnings streams.

Nevertheless, Amazon has rigorous regards to service that you require to comply with.

2. What is Amazon’s Policy on Bundle Inserts?’s policies have limited restrictions on what as well as exactly how you can do things. While the listing of benefits above is clear, violating Amazon’s standards for plan inserts is a dish for disaster. Below is a list of those plans:

You Can not Ask For a Favorable Testimonial

Positive testimonials are fantastic, however requesting those reviews is one method to obtain your account flagged. While you can request reviews, you can not ask for that those evaluations be positive. The result is a deformed understanding of the quality of your product, discouraging truthful evaluations.

We’ll review a more comprehensive how-to of requesting reviews later on in this article.

You Cannot Direct People To Contact You Over Leaving a Negative Review

Amazon seeks out a sincere testimonial if whatsoever feasible. If the customer service experience was bad, customer evaluations ought to show that.

Asking for the client to contact you if they have any kind of issues may seem harmless, yet it buckles reviews of your item. It brings about customers potentially getting reimbursements or other motivations outside of the typical procedure.

You Cannot Use Manipulative Language To Request Reviews

Asking for certain sorts of product testimonials is a clear negative. Nevertheless, Amazon also prevents manipulative language from asking for any kind of review.

As an example, you can describe a little your brand story about exactly how you are a “family-owned and also operated” service. Yet if you include that as component of some literature demand an evaluation, will certainly see you are moving their heartstrings.

This creating urges the consumer to think of their “far better nature” prior to taking down an inferior product as a result of some emotional appeal.

You Cannot Provide Incentives for Reviews makes it clear you can not supply any type of level of incentive for an evaluation. These motivations consist of the following:

  • An additional complimentary product
  • Their next order free
  • Price cuts
  • Gift cards
  • Cash money

If you’ve ever before received a deal to get a totally free bottle of the next thing for a review, they are going against the Amazon TOS.

You Cannot Suggest Moving Business From Amazon 

It could be alluring for you to take a customer’s service to one more eCommerce platform through this. Nonetheless, sees it as a big no-no. This offense is the type of things that will certainly get your account suspended.

Guiding them to a store on any type of other system is against TOS. Stores can be anywhere from Etsy to Shopify. Do not recommend your customer look into any kind of products off of Amazon.

Do Not Speak Poorly of Your Competition

Harmful statements concerning competitors are a general code of conduct rule however do not utilize your insert to interact badly about your competitors. Yes, we understand that your item is the very best offered item on the market. Nevertheless, that does not suggest you can call the various other guy’s item terrible at the same time.

Your competitors additionally offers on, and Amazon intends to make sure you earn money entirely on your values. Speaking severely regarding competition is thought about manipulative language. Plus, it doesn’t typically function as a long-term method.

Amazon’s Code of Conduct rules information every little thing you can and also can not do as a vendor. Please acquaint on your own with them prior to considering any type of item packaging inserts.

Do Not Request Contact information bans you from “over-communication” on their platform. That suggests no harassing emails for testimonials and also no e-mails educating consumers of new items if they aren’t following your brand name.

You could believe you can ask for contact information to navigate this, but that would be incorrect. considers it an inadequate customer support situation for you to send out another item of mail to reduce out of the interaction.

While you can link to social networks accounts, you can not ask for call information to include them in your e-mail marketing campaign. Nevertheless, you can request that details on social networks far from

3. If I Do My Satisfaction, Can I Place Whatever I Like On Packaging Inserts?

There’s some conjecture regarding’s guidelines as they apply to FBA sellers vs. non-FBA vendors. When it comes to those that handle their satisfaction, they could believe that the policies concerning insert cards do not apply.

Nevertheless, since these packaging insert guidelines originate from’s Standard procedure, the guidelines do not change. You can not put anything you want on packaging inserts if you take care of fulfillment.

While it is simpler to conceal (no Amazon staff member will certainly check out them), it is still a dangerous endeavor to try and circumvent Amazon’s codes. Extending the policies on plan inserts is an energetic initiative to undermine Amazon’s plans.

4. How Should I Ask For Testimonials on Item Inserts?

Think it or otherwise, enables this item insert to be one way to request testimonials. However, the huge blunder individuals make is neglecting to restrict their demands to only requesting reviews. Vendors typically make the error of exaggerating the product insert.

Take a look at these ideas to ensure you don’t make the very same error on these product cards.

Tip One: Do Not Include A Feedback Request With a Coupon

Many vendors assume they can simply place comments demands as well as coupons on separate cards. They may believe that their discount code is a various component from the testimonial request. However, isn’t most likely to see eye-to-eye keeping that belief.

When you include both in the exact same box, normally thinks one is for the other. The consumer might additionally see the same scenario, creating a problem where the client thinks you are incentivizing the evaluation.

To avoid this scenario, make certain to place feedback requests as well as promo codes in different inserts. So select fifty percent of your boxes with feedback demands and also the other half with promo code codes. What you pick will depend upon your total objective.

Tip Two: Do Include Feedback Requests With Instructions 

Receiving negative comments generally comes from a customer’s absence of understanding. Not knowing exactly how to use a product results in an inadequate experience. Ergo, a negative testimonial.

The plan insert provides you with the opportunity to offer directions. You must write these guidelines as though you are for fifth. The fewer inquiries customers have about your item, the far better off you will be.

Including directions with comments, requests are also great with Amazon’s TOS. With the understanding of exactly how to make use of an item as well as more guidelines on just how to leave comments, both Amazon as well as the consumer won’t see you as pushy.

Tip Three: Avoid “If” Statements

Lots of people like to problem their reviews by concentrating on favorable experiences. In contrast, that might deal with other firms, “if” declarations are commonly an offense of the TOS.

As an example, “if you enjoyed our items, we would appreciate an evaluation!”

The issue is connected to you straight talking to those that had a favorable experience. This wording prevents negative evaluations, leading to a more positive review rate with manipulative language.

Rather, replace it with “We wish you enjoyed our item. Please share your experience to allow us understand what you think.”

The declaration over is a pressure-free declaration, avoiding TOS concerns. There’s one more means to ask for a review.

Tip Four: Present Your Review Request Like a Set of Instructions 

One more way to stay clear of TOS issues is to provide your evaluation demand like a set of directions. Below’s an example:

  1. Most likely to the “orders” tab of your Amazon account
  2. Click the “compose a testimonial” tab
  3. Provide us your straightforward review

Providing instructions to do a testimonial alongside instructions to utilize your item is taken into consideration quite reduced stress. Make certain to prevent declarations that motivate favorable reviews. Everything needs to be really fundamental, so using the term “truthful review” interest Amazon’s displays.

5. Can I Use Amazon Plan Inserts To Get Customers To Enroll In My Email List

The standard procedure explicitly specifies you are not to consist of company Links to a personal eCommerce website. Also, you can not develop an item insert that requests individual information. Rather, your item insert can focus on attracting people to your advertising efforts; this consists of an email listing.

If your site uses an alternating eCommerce platform, you can not link to that website. Nevertheless, there is nothing against utilizing the item insert to link to your social media sites accounts. Since social accounts are a means for you to grow your brand name, it’s encouraged to include it typically.

Amazon values loyal clients coming from off-site website traffic like Twitter and facebook. From there, you can encourage site visitors to go to your website and add their email address voluntarily.

You can not request an e-mail address in exchange for items, as that motivates an incentivized exchange of information that may cause fake testimonials. Clients will certainly need to give that info of their very own accord without direct links to Amazon.

Once they follow you on social networks or on a regular basis visit an individual blog site you might have, you can do what you wish on that platform. has restricted control over their tasks performed after they follow your off-platform activities straight.

6. What Should I Avoid Placing On Product Inserts?

Other than the obvious plan infractions, there are many points you must stay clear of placing right into your bundle. Right here are some instances:

Complex Information

One of the most efficient item inserts have a basic CTA that can ask for anything from making use of a coupon code to asking for seller comments. Remember you can not do both!

Nonetheless, some companies like to consist of complex lingo or outlined details packages. The majority of customers toss these out, as they do not wish to read a set of outrageous guidelines or business lingo.

Bear in mind, your possible consumer possibly doesn’t care much about just how it got there. That degree of care could alter if your item creation process is remarkable.

Expensive Business Cards

People that sell costs products on think that this is a chance to demonstrate how much success they have. However, having elegant paper and also elegant calling card that remind individuals of your success is vapid, not interesting the most discerning client.

Understand that having elegant paper for your card inserts won’t assist. It would certainly be best to focus on your customer’s demands to impress them over something fancy in the box.

Extended Warranties

A regular offering among even some big-name firms on Amazon is expanded service warranties for reviews. As we have actually talked about earlier, sees this as an offense of the TOS.

To believe that an extensive guarantee is not a reward is incorrect. If you have an item warranty, you have to include it despite what reviews you receive.

Your Contact Info’s TOS prevents you from motivating individuals to call you straight if there is any problem. Due to the fact that Amazon’s shop is representing your product, they like to manage it on your behalf. It also discourages unfavorable comments, leaving positive feedback entirely.

Even if this TOS area was eliminated, including individual get in touch with info will blow up your phone swiftly. Several of that info may lead to issues ranging from trick calls to requests for extra motivations over providing you a one-star testimonial.

Keep those interactions to Vendor Central. Even better, allow take care of the customer care process, especially if you are brand-new to marketing.

Be Careful with Statements of Urgency generally discourages you from producing a sense of necessity in the direction of clients. While it’s a wonderful means to encourage consumers in several circumstances, it additionally brings about a pressured client experience.’s comprehensive TOS dictates a selection of requests that boil down to superb client experiences. Instead of stating “get now, or you might miss out,” wants you to concentrate on the high qualities of the item. does this themselves via prime sales. If you’ve ever before seen the “want it tomorrow” screen under Prime supplies, you find out about this. Having an overabundance of necessity will certainly press your customer out of the purchase.

There’s nothing exactly against product packaging inserts with a feeling of urgency, however know that can deny inserts based on their discernment.

7. What are Examples of Good Product Packaging Inserts (Finest Practices)?

Since we’ve talked about every one of right stuff you must prevent, allow’s look into a few of the silver linings of points. Below is a list of finest techniques you should take into consideration for your item inserts.

Choose A Marketing Top Priority

Your primary step on choosing ideal product packaging inserts comes back to top priority. What do you intend to achieve?

  • Do you want even more evaluations on one more product?
  • Are you seeking a greater variety of reviews?
  • Are you attempting to resolve product confusion?

Whatever troubles your consumers are most experiencing with your product, you can address them with item inserts. If you have a common problem among the Frequently asked questions in your product listing, address that issue with future inserts to save you time– direct customers with specific collections of guidelines.

If one more among your products is weak, take into consideration using your strong item to supplement the weak one. By knowing your top priority, your item inserts can have details top quality CTAs that raise conversion prices.

Produce Something Innovative and also Engaging

Item inserts with guidelines are excellent, yet creating creative as well as engaging web content needs you do not limit these inserts to directions. Rather, please take the opportunity to make multiple CTAs (offered they don’t include both vouchers and review requests).

For example, social media sites demand follows are simply fine. However saying “follow our social networks” is pretty boring. Rather, consider one more, a lot more interesting way to demand social media sites complies with. See to it it’s on the same level with your brand, so think of what your consumers could want to hear.

The layout must additionally be eye-popping. Eye-catching shades with high contrast draw the eye to the message. Just do not consist of any URLs, as the monitor will certainly ping those.

List Complete Satisfaction Guarantees and also Warranties.

A fantastic means to verify your worth is to detail contentment warranties and also warranty details upfront. This listing is a powerful affirmation of your item high quality. It likewise advises individuals that you recognize that this item might not be best for them.

As a reminder, make certain that service warranty information is not subject to anything. You can not transform a review for an expansion of the guarantee.

Instead, focus on the fact that Amazon currently uses a 100% satisfaction assurance. Hence, you are just restating something that Amazon currently provides without over-promising something.

Include Gifts (Yet Do Not Incentivize Them).

Perk presents (like an additional battery or substitute item) are a wonderful thing. To amaze your customer with distinct box inserts is something they value. Dual point to it is an accessory to the product included.

You may additionally send out well-known products like sticker labels, lanyards, or buttons. These items are normally much less valuable and also valued. Still, sending out a person something for a little totally free advertising is a respectable offer.

We restate not to incentivize these presents. If you do send out gifts, be sure to suggest that it’s not contingent upon any task. You could include testimonial demands as well as gifts in different inserts to prevent this understanding entirely.

Don’t Get Married To One Type Of Box Insert.

There are several possible methods when picking the appropriate box insert. One method might function well for one product, while one more method might work much better. It depends on you to run those examinations to learn what works.

To find out the details, start by selecting a couple of various designs as well as copy options for your CTAs. These can consist of different mixes of review requests, instruction brochures, and also social media sites complying with telephone calls.

Your goal is to establish numerous different variations of the very same sort of requests. You can select to split these out by time or send them full blast at the same time. Make certain you have a method of tracking what style choice works the best.

Consist Of QR Codes.

With the 21st century being the details age, QR codes are a must-have for product inserts. QR codes allow people straight web links to any one of the requests you make. These codes take the initiative out of your consumer’s hands, enhancing your prospective conversion price.

Bear in mind, the fundamental code of conduct still uses with consisting of QR codes. That suggests no incentivized evaluations, no Links, no encouraging individuals to get off, and no aggressive sales tactics. Instead, offer links to the testimonial web page, your voucher code, or your social media web pages.


The insert card for your product is a terrific way to guide individuals to your social networks, personal website, and urge sales of different products. With a recognition of the Standard Procedure, you will run ideal bundle inserts. Simply be sure not to tell people to relocate off the system!