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The 5 Best eBay Price Trackers For Both Buyers & Sellers | ItsAHazardLife
The 5 Best eBay Price Trackers For Both Buyers & Sellers | ItsAHazardLife

Before I ever provided anything on eBay I had been selling on Amazon for a number of years. Provided how large the eBay market is I was absolutely surprised about the absence of tools available to assist seller. On Amazon, I can access a substantial amount of research study as well as analytics to help me price my items and compute sales history.

As a whole, sellers are left to presume. Nonetheless, if you’re merely thinking concerning eBay rates you’re going to be leaving money on the table.

Fortunately, devices for sellers have actually advanced a bit and also price trackers are now readily available to help both buys and also sellers.

While an eBay price tracker is not required for you if you are just aiming to spend a percentage of time on it can be a total game-changer for lots of people and also their services.

Why Would You Want To Track Prices On eBay?

When I first came across an eBay rate tracker I wondered who worldwide would certainly use it. My eBay service version is virtually completely based on turning thrift shop things so I really did not see an usage for it.

After some research, nevertheless, I identified a couple of methods I can utilize a rate tracker to boost my own eBay experience.

As a whole, there are three reasons to utilize an rate tracker:

1. To Get A Great Deal

If you are looking to score a great deal on an thing, using a price tracker can put you ahead of the competition. In several trackers, you can establish criteria that, when met, will certainly provide you an alert.

For instance, we regularly flip products off of eBay. Two of our favored items are Louis Vuitton purses from Japan as well as previous generation apples iphone. We can simply set our cost tracker to inform us when there are 15 minutes left in a public auction and also the price is still under a particular limit. In this way we don’t waste time seeing public auctions for 7 or 10 days just to see them go skies high in the nick of time.

If you’re looking to get a bargain without investing all of your time enjoying public auctions then a price tracker may be an excellent option for you.

2. To Know How To Price Your Items

Looking into offered things on eBay is an excellent means to find out exactly how to price your item. Nonetheless, is an ever-changing market and what was true a month back may no more be true.

A cost tracker is specifically practical for selling unusual items when there isn’t much rates background as you can access a more detailed prices history to see exactly how points have been valued (and also how it may have altered) over time.

3. To Update Your Prices In Real-Time

If you are a drop shipper after that you absolutely require to be updating your costs in real-time. As numerous decline carriers utilize vibrant markets (such as Amazon) you run the risk of shedding profits or going adverse if you can upgrade your prices when your resource adjustments theirs.

5 Tools You Can Utilize To Track Costs On eBay

While I would not reach to say there is an excellent eBay cost tracker on the marketplace, there are a few various choices that you may find helpful:


CheckAFlip is a more recent device that permits you to see as well as compare both present and completed listings on both and Amazon.

If you key in a search it will certainly assemble all the information available as well as offer you a typical sell rate for the thing in both brand-new and secondhand problem. This is particularly valuable if you are trying to determine if something is a good deal or want to value a product you’re marketing.

Below’s an example I competed an rare lego set that I was pricing:

While CheckAFlip is a great base I have had it provide some quite errant outcomes. Try several various phrasing variants and after that double check real sold outcomes to verify what it’s telling you.

2. Worthpoint

Worthpoint is a well established research study device for eBay sellers that has been around for many years. Although it needs a registration (there is a cost-free test) it has one of the most comprehensive sources available if you’re wanting to price rare or unusual things.

It is not, nonetheless, a wonderful alternative for repricing your listings or obtaining cost notices on the fly. It really shines for those people that flip things from thrift shops, liquidation lots, excess auctions, and so on

3. Terapeak

Terapeak was as soon as a competitor to Worthpoint yet has actually since been obtained by eBay. If you have an store you have access to Terapeak which can give you details on sales and rates returning a complete year.

4. Average Finder

Average Finder is an useful tool that permits you to locate approximately the items that are presently available for sale that meet your search. It has actually the added great attribute of including the average portable billed so you can figure that into your cost if you’re selling.

5. Mark Sight

Mark Sight is a paid service that shows you not only valuing on eBay yet the best time to start and also finish your public auctions for a specific group, average variety of bids, sell-through price, and also more.

While not an eBay rate tracker in the most strict sense, it does examine prices for you as well as can include value to your business.


It deserves noting that none of the above is a perfect all-in-one option. If you are trying to find an eBay price tracker that will manage every little thing for you you’ll need to take into consideration utilizing numerous devices in tandem or hiring a VA to help you out.

If you’re drop-shipping there are automatic rate insurance adjusters readily available however, for the remainder of us, we’ll have to stick to the restricted cost trackers that we have. Just check your outcomes!