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Everything you need to know about the BuyBox on Amazon | ItsAHazardLife
Everything you need to know about the BuyBox on Amazon | ItsAHazardLife

Fulfillment & pricing are one of the most crucial elements for winning the Buy Box, nonetheless they’re not the only ones.

There are other factors which include supply deepness as well as metrics connected to customer experience.

These are areas of your business you must be attending to.

Supply deepness indicates that as a seller, you are likely to continue to have SUFFICIENT stock available to accomplish orders if Amazon continues to provide you the Buy Box.

It makes complete sense – to be provided the opportunity to market your products, you need to have your product ready to go.

Amazon is additionally taking a look at exactly how well you deliver on guarantee and delight your customers once they struck the purchase switch.

The effects that seller feedback carries winning the buy box:

Amazon provides an excellent score of 100 for feedback on each order, however with unfavorable feedback– that’ll cause a score of -500 appointed for that order which in turn has a devastating effect on the buy box.

Simply the previous twelve month of feedback is considered so the slate is wiped tidy afterwards.

Amazon won’t aggregate all the negative scores you received on the very same order, just the most unfavorable one. So if a fulfilled order goes truly incorrect as well as screwed up in all locations, it’s just the worst one that’ll count in contrast to all the unfavorable ratings tallied together.

Make sure that you’re attaining all of the following in order to optimize your possibilities of OWNING the BUY BOX:

  • Lots of good evaluations
  • Minimal order flaw rate
  • Reduced late shipment rate
  • Outstanding on-time shipment
  • Quick customer reaction time
  • Low termination rates
  • Low reimbursement rates


Being the brand owner does not provide sellers automatic choice for the Buy Box. Regardless of having brand name status, Amazon is additionally trying to find the same gratification, PRICES, and CONSUMER thrill that they try to find from any kind of seller.

It’s imperative that brand proprietors have a great take care of on their SUPPLY CHAIN. If you begin losing the Buy Box since you’re obtaining UNDERCUT by another sellers on cost, try to recognize that seller to see if you can stop supplying item to them.


If you’re not winning the Buy Box and are unsure why, begin solving the mystery by working through possible concerns as well as aim for the following:

  • Account Wellness in excellent standing
  • Offer the product for an affordable cost
  • Other FBA or seller-fulfilled Prime
  • Offer the item with rapid gratification time
  • Have lots of supply on hand
  • Have good evaluations and ratings
  • Have a minimal order defect rate
  • Have a low late-shipment price
  • Have outstanding on-time distribution
  • Have a quick customer feedback time
  • Have low cancellation rates
  • Have reduced reimbursement prices