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The toughest part of selling on eBay is taking pictures, creating listing and having all of the information you need at your fingertips. Sometimes you’re unable to find a product due to a mislabeled sku on a listing. This will take the guess work out of those tough tasks.

We have created a tool that is based off of Google Forms and Google Sheets that will help others while listing on eBay. Let’s get started by making a copy of our lister & inventory system.


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ItsAHazardLife Free Inventory Lister & Tracker – Creating Copy of Our Form

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ItsAHazardLife Free Inventory Lister & Tracker – Google Form Edit View

After you create a copy of the form, to get full usage out of this tool you will need to click “Responses” at the very top. Once you have clicked that. You will need to click “Link To Sheets” to create the spreadsheet portion of the tool.

ItsAHazardLife Free Inventory Lister & Tracker – Link To sheets

Once you have clicked “Link To Sheets”. You will get the following screen. For the spreadsheet name, you can either leave the name the same or change it to one you prefer. It will not effect it.

ItsAHazardLife Free Inventory Lister & Tracker – Select Destination For Responses

Once you hit create, a new tab will open with the new spreadsheet that you just created and it will look like this.

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ItsAHazardLife Free Inventory Lister & Tracker – Sheets View of Inventory

Why did I personally choose to create this form and spreadsheet instead of any other method?

When I first started out selling on eBay, I was writing my listings on a legal pad of paper. Sometimes I would miss adding something an item to the list or messing up the SKU for the location of the item. So then I would have to search each pad of paper to locate the correct SKU or just pull every box until I find the location. Now with this spreadsheet, I can just “Ctrl + F” to find the item’s location quickly as you are putting the SKU into this file as you are picturing it.

After the spreadsheet is created, you will need to be able to add information to you form as you are picturing each item. In order to get the link to your form. You will need to click “Send” at the top right. Once you click on that it will bring up a pop up, you will need to select the middle option by “Send Via” to get the link version.

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ItsAHazardLife Free Inventory Lister & Tracker – Getting Link To Form To Start Adding Information

As you start to add information through your form there are a few recommendations for changes to the spreadsheet after it’s created.

The first thing is adding checkboxes to the Listed column. In order to do this click on the cell L2, then click on Insert the click on Checkbox. This will add a checkbox to that cell and will continue adding it for the entirety of the spreadsheet.

The second thing, if you’re like me and you want to track more data, like how much quantity and how much value you’ve listed. I personally have my spreadsheet calculating this information. I have titled the “P” column “Price Per Item” then in the cell P2 I have added the equation “=J2*K2”. Once you have entered this you can easily copy or drag this cell down (by the blue square at the bottom right of the cell) quickly totaling each item.

The last things is totaling the quantity and the total value. I have these set up in the far right of the spreadsheet.
Select Q1, enter “Total Quantity”.
In R1, enter the equation “=SUM(J2:J11256)”
In S1, enter “Total Value”
In T1, enter the equation “=SUM(P2:P11206)”

Now the form and spreadsheet is completed and ready to use. This will save you so much time.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or send me an email at