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7 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Sales Rank in 2021 | ItsAHazardLife

7 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Sales Rank in 2021

But in order to sell more on Amazon, your item requires to get in front of more prospective consumers. Simply put, you require to rank higher in the Amazon search engine result.

Sadly, Amazon is notoriously tight-lipped about how its algorithm works. Nevertheless, we do understand this: when selecting how to rank items, Amazon takes your sales rank into account.

To learn more about how Amazon sales rank works, and how to enhance yours, read on!

What is Amazon sales rank?

Your Amazon sales rank is a number from 1 to 1 million (or greater, depending on the product category). It describes how well your product is offering in relation to other items in your classification. The lower the number, the much better an item is offering. So if you have a sales rank of # 1, that suggests your item is selling the best.

You can discover the Amazon sales rank for any product on the product page. Simply scroll down the “Product info” section. Amazon will show the item’s sales rank for its wider item department along with its specific product category:

7 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Sales Rank in 2021 | ItsAHazardLife

If you are the best-selling item in a product category, Amazon will also reward you with a # 1 Best Seller tag in the item results along with at the top of your product listing:

7 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Sales Rank in 2021 | ItsAHazardLife
7 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Sales Rank in 2021 | ItsAHazardLife

Amazon updates the very best Sellers Rank on a hourly basis based on your current sales.

Why is Amazon sales rank important?

Like Google, Amazon has its own algorithm for ranking items on its website. Nevertheless, Amazon’s algorithm is really different from Google’s.

Amazon does not reveal exactly how its algorithm works. While this triggers understandable disappointment to sellers, it makes good sense: Amazon does not want sellers determining their algorithm and gaming the system.

We do know, however, that they factor Amazon sales rank into their ranking algorithm (we know this because Amazon informs us so). This likewise makes good sense. When somebody searches for a product on Amazon, Amazon wishes to reveal them the best selling products. That’s how they generate income!

How to enhance your Amazon sales rank

The tricky feature of boosting your Amazon sales rank is that it’s not just based upon your overall sales. It’s based upon how well your item has actually been offering just recently. To enhance and preserve a great Amazon sales rank, you require to have consistent sales.

It’s all right to have a bad day or 2 (or conversely, a banner day or 2) but you normally wish to have consistent day-to-day sales to have a better Amazon sales rank.

To do that, you’ll need to put in some work. Fortunately, we have actually got simply the concept (or 7 of them!). Let’s dive in.

1. Have a item title that is flawless

Your items title is the first thing shoppers will notice. You want to make sure yours a) grabs their attention and b) matches what they’re searching for.

Do your keyword research and change your title accordingly. One fast suggestion is to take a look at how your top rivals are titling their products and use a similar approach with your own method.

Include your item name and as many detailed keywords as possible. If your brand name has some cache, you can include your brand name, too (otherwise, leave it out and include a keyword rather).

2. Pique interest with first-class item photography

The other thing buyers discover in the product results in your item image. Your primary item image need to consist of the whole product within frame, versus a white background, and without any extra text or graphics.

On your product page, we motivate you to include as lots of other images as you can while satisfying Amazon’s image requirements. Guarantee all of your images are at least 1000 pixels, large or tall. Consider utilizing variety in your images to help them stand apart and get buyers to engage with your listing. You can use images with various models, incorporate way of life imagery, and even add infographics highlighting essential features of your product.

3. Enhance your product description

After consumers have a good time checking out your pictures, they might proceed and buy. But others will want to know more. This is where an exceptional product description is available in helpful.

Consist of keywords in your product description, but more importantly, make your item sound intriguing! Highlight crucial discomfort points it fixes, and any competitive differentiators.

Pro Tip: Call out your item’s best features in a bulleted list. Most people choose to scan, instead of read large blocks of text. A short list of bullet points can please these consumers.

7 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Sales Rank in 2021 | ItsAHazardLife

4. Keep your prices competitive

Cost is an essential factor for Amazon sellers. If you’re not competitive you’ll miss on sales and your Amazon Sales Rank will suffer.

Constantly keeping track of the rates of your competitors’ item is difficult, particularly if you have a high volume of SKUs. Instead, you can conserve time and remain competitive with Amazon repricing software. These tools instantly set your prices to the optimum level to win the Amazon Purchase Box.

5. Offer Amazon Prime

There are over 150 million Amazon Prime members worldwide. That’s a lot of clients who could be purchasing from you.

Don’t believe you can trick these shoppers into buying from you, anyway. They can find out you’re not Prime-eligible before they ever visit your product page. “Amazon Prime” is the really first filter buyers can click when searching on Amazon:

7 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Sales Rank in 2021 6 | ItsAHazardLife

If your item isn’t Prime-eligible, you’re going to lose a lot of sales to your Prime-eligible competitors– and enjoy your Amazon sales rank drop at the same time.

6. Get more Amazon reviews

Everybody understands good evaluations are the trick to more Amazon sales (and a much better Amazon sales rank, while you’re at it).

Over 90% of buyers check out online reviews prior to they purchase. Buyers may like what they see in your product images and descriptions, however evaluations are what will get them to trust you enough to click that buy button.

To get more Amazon evaluates, attempt these ideas:

  • Frequently request reviews yourself. If you have your consumers’ e-mail addresses, you can inquire for reviews yourself.
  • Launch new items with Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program. This program offers eligible buyers Amazon credits in return for reviewing your product and is an excellent way to get new evaluations fast.
  • Consist of a product insert that asks consumers to leave a review. Individuals are more likely to leave a review when your product is top of mind, so why not inquire when they’re all delighted about getting your product in the mail?

7. Promote your Amazon listing

You can help enhance your Amazon sales rank by frequently driving new sales to your item page. The best way to do that is with routine promo!

Explore running limited-time sales events with big discounts. Obviously, this will trigger a short-term boost in your sales (and a subsequent reduction later on). So, you’ll wish to run these sales frequently, maybe weekly approximately, in order to make a favorable effect on your Amazon sales rank.

You can also promote your listing with Amazon ads. Amazon uses a number of marketing options, from PPC sponsored product listings to display ads that appear both on and off Amazon.

Finally, host free gifts on social networks to drive interest in your item. While you’ll have to provide some product away free of charge, you’ll likely get at least a couple of organic sales, too.