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eBay Guaranteed Delivery: The Ultimate Guide

When individuals purchase online, they desire their stuff quickly! Information from late 2019 recommends 40% of US clients expect to get items within simply 2 days, and 18% demand delivery the really next day.

eBay Guaranteed Delivery offers consumers the speed and security they crave, along with greater versatility for sellers. Keep reading for everything you require to know about the program, and how to get going.

What is eBay Ensured Delivery?

eBay Ensured Delivery is a promise to consumers that they’ll get their purchases by an offered date, usually within one to 4 days of purchase. If not, the consumer is compensated for the trouble. The program is currently offered in the United States and Australia.

What are the two kinds of eBay Guaranteed Delivery?

Sellers have the option of signing up for 2 kinds of eBay Guaranteed Shipment; managing time and door-to-door.

1. Dealing with time

With handling time, sellers just need to prepare and deliver an order within one day, through a qualified carrier service using eBay tracking labels. eBay themselves then work out an exact shipment date, dealing with refunds and returns if anything fails.

This is easier and less dangerous for sellers, but restricts what carrier services you can utilize and doesn’t put that nice ‘quick shipping’ tag on a few of your listings.

2. Door-to-door

Door-to-door locations more duty on you, the seller. You’re solely responsible for setting shipment dates (within 4 days or less) and ensuring you meet them on time. If something does go wrong, returns and refunds are up to you.

This alternative could be much better for larger sellers with the infrastructure to consistently satisfy due dates. In return, all your listings will be offered the ‘quick shipping’ tag, which improves customer self-confidence and leads to more sales.

What are the advantages of eBay Guaranteed Delivery?

Clients desire fast shipment and assurance. Sellers want higher exposure for their products and more favorable feedback. Guaranteed Shipment helps both celebrations, with eBay acting as a neutral arbitrator in case of any problems.

That higher exposure comes through eBay’s search function. Clients can filter by one, 2, three, or four-day shipping to narrow their search. We have actually already checked out today’s tight consumer expectations for delivery, and the more of those filters you appear in, the more likely your products are to be seen.

Sellers also delight in extra securities from eBay. They will remove unfavorable or neutral feedback relating to late delivery if the seller meets their responsibilities. This is shown by utilize of tracking labels. eBay will likewise deal with most customer support, and even refunds in the right scenarios.

What are the negatives of eBay Guaranteed Shipment?

Of course, there are drawbacks which need to be considered. Shipment depends on the providers, who can make errors. An order might arrive late through no fault of the seller. Even eBay eliminates your negative feedback, that’s an unhappy client who’s unlikely to come back.

You also need to pay special attention to your processes, or perhaps revamp them to ensure you can keep up with need. Assurances increase expectations, and customers who expect excellence are more quickly disappointed.

What items are eligible for eBay Guaranteed Shipment?

For your listing to qualify for Guaranteed Delivery, it requires to fulfill these requirements:

  • The item should be fixed price
  • Same-day or one-day handling time. Sellers using same-day handling must consider setting a sensible everyday cut-off point
  • The listing must consist of a called eligible provider service from eBay’s authorized list
  • A postcode for the product’s location should be included in the listing

eBay keeps these requirements good and simple to assist sellers. But if you’re a massive organization selling numerous products, it’s still difficult to make certain whatever qualifies.

The good news is, sellers get yet more support from eBay here. They supply a Guaranteed Shipment bulk editing tool which reveals you all your listings in one place.

From there, you can plainly see if any listings are missing out on info which may qualify them for Ensured Shipment. You can then update them wholesale, instead of one at a time.

How do I opt into eBay’s Guaranteed Delivery?

Opting into eBay Guaranteed Delivery is straightforward, with slight distinctions depending upon whether you choose the handling time or door-to-door variants of the program.

For dealing with time, you require to be making at least 100 annual transactions, with a late shipment rate of 5% or lower. If you satisfy those requirements, all certifying listings will be tagged for Guaranteed Delivery as quickly as you opt in.

Sellers who prefer the door-to-door option requirement to develop custom-made rate tables which clearly reveal shipping speeds and costs throughout all the regions in which you operate. You must connect all listings to your rate table.

Both variants of Guaranteed Shipment also need 97% on-time shipping and 95% on-time tracking as an efficiency requirement for all sales once they’re decided in.

How do I opt out of eBay Guaranteed Shipment?

It’s possible that you might choose to stop utilizing eBay Guaranteed Delivery due to a modification in your situations. You might be downsizing your service or require to reassess logistics. If this is the case, you can pull out at any time.

Simply follow these actions:

  • Go to your account settings
  • Find ‘site preferences’
  • Select the eBay Guaranteed Delivery setting
  • Click ‘program,’ then ‘modify’.
  • Select ‘I want to opt out of eBay Ensured Shipment’.
  • Select ‘continue’.

Pulling out doesn’t hurt your standing with eBay. In fact, you can choose in and out as many times as you like, as long as you and your listings still receive.

What if my eBay Guaranteed Shipment is late?

If an item gets here behind the specified time, your customer has 1 month to submit a claim. From there, they have choices depending on which version of Guaranteed Shipment you’re using.

With managing time, consumers can:.

  • Return the item for a refund, with eBay covering outbound and shipping costs.
  • Keep the product, with eBay refunding shipping expenses.
  • Keep the item and get an eBay voucher if shipping was complimentary.

With door-to-door, their alternatives are:.

  • Return the item, with the seller reimbursing everything.
  • Keep the item, with the seller refunding shipping costs.
  • Keep the item, once again getting a coupon in the case of totally free shipping.

Who deals with the admin for late eBay Guaranteed Shipments?

eBay deals with all the customer support for returns on their platform, which sellers can track through the control panel on the Seller Center.

Late shipments can, obviously, happen for all sorts of reasons. As long as you fulfill all your commitments as a seller, there are no charges aside from an irritated client.

If you stop working to meet those obligations, your late shipment percentage will take a knock. You require to be making a minimum of 97% of your deliveries on time to continue to receive Guaranteed Delivery.

Last Thoughts

eBay Guaranteed Shipment is the meaning of a win-win for sellers and clients, and a testament to the lengths eBay will go to in support of their community. With only minor modifications to the way you note your products, you can delight in a big sales boost and greater assurance.