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Is Rollo’s New Wireless Printer Worth It? | ItsAHazardLife
Is Rollo’s New Wireless Printer Worth It? | ItsAHazardLife


I’ve been griping about my Rollo thermal printer for greater than 2 years. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it.

As a matter of fact, I believe it is the best-priced printer on the marketplace for anybody running a small business.

So what was I griping regarding? Not having the ability to print from my phone or wirelessly from my laptop computer.

I sell on several platforms and almost all of them have apps where I might print my delivery labels. Currently so I had a wireless Rollo printer.

Enter the wireless Rollo thermal printer …

Rollo announced near the end of 2021 that they would ultimately have a wireless variation of their exceptionally preferred printer coming out. This was a massive relief as I was seeking to transform my existing Rollo printer to wireless or go another route if I didn’t get an option swiftly.

Now that I have the wireless variation, let me inform you, it deserved the delay! Allow’s take a look at it.

A Look At The New Wireless Rollo Label Printer.

First off, the trouble. Rollo’s new wireless printer is difficult to obtain your hand on right now. Due to the fact that it is only readily available in minimal numbers (they only sell a certain number daily) there has actually been a reseller market that has gotten hold of on as well as is trying to scalp people.

To my annoyance, I ended up acquiring a wireless printer that was brand-new in the plan off of Mercari for $305, which relates to $25 over MSRP. Nothing to be as well made concerning.

First Impressions and Set Up.

The box with your cordless printer features the minimum of what you require yet is well packed. You’ll get:.

  • Your Wirless Rollo Printer.
  • Warranty Information.
  • Instructions For Arrangement.
  • Power Adaptor.
  • USB Port (in case you wished to connect to your computer).
  • Tiny Stack Of Tags (so you can get startedand set things up as soon as possible).
  • I actually had my printer out and also had actually printed my first label within 10 minutes. If I had in fact read the directions as well as refrained the whole point on video camera I believe I might have done it in under 3 mins.

Among one of the most surprising things was that, regardless of how quick the Rollo printer was, the tag was a lot better than the tags from my old Zebra printer.

If my recommendation came entirely from set up then this printer and firm would get an A+.

Set Up Your Rollo Printer In 5 Actions:

If you intend to speedrun your set-up, below’s exactly what you’ll require to do:.

  1. Plug your printer in as well as transform it on. The lights will certainly flash as well as it will certainly start seeking wifi networks to connect to.
  2. Download the Rollo Application. (readily available for both windows as well as mac).
  3. Link the printer to your cordless network utilizing the application. The app will provide you a step by step for connecting as well as will do all the heavy lifting behind-the-scenes.
  4. Set Up a Rollo Account. Simple in the app or on their site.
  5. Most likely to “Add a Printer/Device” on your computer to connect to the printer. There are no motorists to install so connection over your wireless network (not bluetooth) fasts as well as simple. If you’re printing from your phone you do not have to stress over this action.

And you’re ready to print! You can instantly begin publishing labels from either your computer system or your phone.


Rollo Wireless Printer Review & Specs.

While I’ve just used my brand-new printer for about a month, I feel like I can offer some insight into most of the functions that it gives (or claimes to supply).

Build quality

The majority of people’s first impressions about a Rollo printer when they choose it up for the first time is “Wow, that’s heavier than I expected!”.

Rollo printers are not vulnerable pieces of plastic. They are developed with some heft. My wireless printer has first tabs that feel premium quality, a switch that doesn’t feel mushy, etc.

Overall, I have been very pleased with the build top quality (and total appearance) of the printer.

Print quality

I really did not understand that the print head on my last printer( not a Rollo) was failing until I replaced it. The printer quality for the initial Rollo as well as the cordless variation is exceptional.

Some shipping firms( and FBA) require a printer with 300dpi print quality however I’ve utilized a Rollo for thousands of shipments and never had an issue. My Zebra printer on the other hand created such poor quality FedEx classifies that I consistently had customer service at the shop reprint them prior to they would accept the package.

Generally, the print top quality is impressive, especially for such a little plan. I’ll be interested to see how it stands up gradually but for the very first pair hundred labels, there has been no change.

Print Speed

Individuals make a big deal concerning the Rollo’s print rate as well as, when it appeared, it went to least novel. Currently there are a number of other business that have actually replicated Rollo’s layout and have the exact same asserted speeds.

For the majority of people, this is a nothing-burger. Unless you are printing hundreds of labels simultaneously you possibly will not even see the speed difference. We’re essentially speaking about 1/3 of a 2nd per tag. I will state that the printer does receive and also refine the print order rapidly so there’s slightly less lingering there as well.

The reason I gave the printer 4 stars is that, regardless of all the claims, I don’t feel that this function is worthy of nearly the attention that it obtains.

Wireless Capabilities

Wirelessly publishing to my Rollo from my laptop and also the home computer has actually been absolutely remarkable. It was simple to link and also hasn’t separated a single time.

It is worth noting that your printer attaches over wifi so it has to be in a location that receives a good signal if you intend to publish. Bluetooth link is not a choice for the Rollo.

The reason I subtracted a beginning right here is Rollo’s clunky app. I have not had any kind of major problems with it yet it’s not super streamlined or straightforward.( You have to make use of the app if you wish to attach your phone).

Ease Of Use

This is, certainly, the easiest-to-set-up printer I have actually ever used. Given that there are no motorists to install it is easy to get going, to include it to an additional computer, etc. Having the ability to publish to my tag printer from another area( as long as I get on the exact same wifi network) is not necessarily a game-changer yet it’s most definitely nice! Five stars, no question.


I wish I had a bit extra to go off of below yet, seeing as exactly how the wireless printer has the exact same equipment as the initial Rollo I need to visualize that durability would certainly be comparable.

While I’m working on designing some kind of torment examination for my Rollo printer, it has actually made itself 5 starts in the meantime( until I feel it deserves differently).


How The Rollo Stacks As Much As The Competition.

The original Rollo printer’s significant specialties were twofold:

  • It was extremely simple to set-up
  • It printed super fast.

I had moved to a Rollo printer from a Zebra LP 2844 which has actually been( and still is) the favored workhorse printer
for essentially countless companies (as well as UPS ). I recognized I wanted a cordless printer to offer me more options yet I was curious exactly how Rollo’s brand-new printer compared to their original printer and also the LP 2844 that much of the sector still makes use of.


 Rollo Wireless

 Rollo (Original)

 Zebra LP 2844

 Printing Speed  150mm/s  150mm/s  102mm/s
 Print Quality  203dpi  203dpi  203dpi
 OS Compatibility  Windows/MAC (Apple & Android phones as well)  Windows/Mac  Windows/Mac
 Shipping Compatibility  All major platforms  All major platforms  All major platforms
 Connectivity  USB A/B / Wireless  USB A/B  USB A/B
 Printable Width  1.57-4.1″  1.57-4.1″  .75-4.25″
 Cost  279.99  179.99  70
 Available Used/Refurbished?  No  Yes  Yes (no longer available new)

As you can see, the Rollo and Rollo Wireless are efficiently the same machine. One is just has wireless. The Zebra, on the other hand, wings in a few locations and also routes in others.

Now let’s be honest, I recommend everybody that is in the position to do so should acquire a Rollo printer. But you do not need to have one. If you’re squeezing dimes, you do not need a wireless printer as well as most likely don’t need a Rollo, duration. You can find something less expensive that will carry out” practically” also. It will be a bit much more aggravating to establish and also take care of however you can see that the Zebra Lp 2844 is still a legitimate competitor that will certainly publish tags for many years to find.

Rollo vs The Top Wireless Printers On The Marketplace

The question currently comes, suppose you need to have a wireless thermal label printer. Should you obtain the Rollo? We understand its release has been hyped for a long time but what happens if there is something else on the market that performs just as well? Let’s take a look at how the Rollo accumulate to the wireless label printer that might be considered its most direct competitor, the Brother QL-1110NWB.

Brother QL-1110NWB Wide Format, Postage and Barcode Professional Thermal Label Printer with Wireless Connectivity

  • PRINTS ON WIDE FORMAT LABELS UP TO 4” WIDE: Perfect for printing mailing, address and postage labels for packages along with visitor and name badges
  • CONNECTIVITY & WIRELESS PRINTING: Bluetooth wireless technology, Ethernet or Wireless (802. 11b/g/n) interfaces; print wirelessly from mobile devices(1)
  • BARCODE CROP FUNCTION: No more printing sheets of barcodes. Now, easily crop and select barcodes and UPCs for printing from templates (Windows only).Database File Compatibility: CSV, Microsoft SQL Server Database (Windows), TXT, MDB, XLS
  • Operating system : Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8. 1, Windows 10; Server 2008/2008 R2/2012/2012 R2/2016; Mac OS X 10. 11 – 10. 13. x . “PLUG & LABEL” FEATURE: Lets you create and print labels without the need to install software on Windows PCs
  • NETWORK MANAGEMENT TOOLS & FREE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT KITS (SDK): Easily integrate & manage via network, free SDKs for Windows, iOS & Android systems. Maximum Label Length: 9. 8 Feet (USB) 3 feet (Serial)

If you are at home shipping and also need the wireless ability, get the Rollo. You’ll have a far better community of assistance with similar individuals and will certainly save some cash. The Brother’s suite of features will merely be overkill.

However, if you’re running a business with a number of delivery stations the Brother printer is purpose-built for you and also your scenario. So head in that direction.

Pros and Cons Of The Rollo Wireless Printer

I seem like I’ve spent the majority of this short article extolling this printer’s merits so I’m mostly mosting likely to focus on, what I feel, are the two substantial negatives.

  • Non-replaceable printer head. Lots of printers that are suggested to be utilized in industrial applications have a replacable print head. This permits them to last practically for life. Rollo does not provide substitute parts. While this means that the printer is technically” disposable” it is still crafted to publish 500,000 tags so this will be a non-issue for lots of people.
  • The label feeding. Rollo printers are a really slim and eye-catching bundle … up until you keep in mind that you have to in some way feed tags through it. Getting an extra label stand or roller and also requiring to include it is not a deal breaker yet it’s a little bit irritating. Offered the option I would rather my printer have my labels incorporated into the real estate.

As you may have gotten out of such an extremely reviews printer, neither of the concerns I have with the printer are calamitous.

Nevertheless, I will certainly claim that I have actually never had to speak to customer support for any problems associated with my printer. They include a card with the printer that asserts “Many problems can be fixed in less than 1 minute!” While that’s a strong insurance claim, I do not question it since the printer is so easy to use.

Overall, I can’t picture a circumstance where the disadvantages of the Wireless Rollo would certainly be substantial enough to quit an individual or organization from utilizing it to its full capacity.

So, Should You Buy It?

In my mind, the Rollo Wireless printer is the excellent option for a small particular niche of individuals. If you are looking to get a thermal printer for the very first time, get this printer. If you already have a printer as well as don’t have a details factor to upgrade to a wireless printer, possibly rethink. I do enjoy my new printer (and also buying it will be a tax obligation deduction when I submit) but I really did not need to have it.

If you have the initial Rollo (or something similar) you most likely do not need to go out and upgrade. Unless you think publishing from your phone or not having a solitary connecting cord will actually make a distinction to your service the cordless alternative most likely isn’t worth the cost of updating.

Final Thoughts

So is the wireless Rollo printer worth it? Definitely. If you need what it has to offer, there really aren’t any other alternatives on the market to offer it a run for its cash. It’s priced well, is extremely very easy to establish, as well as is extremely dependable/durable.

Or, a minimum of, it hasn’t offered me any kind of issues yet and also given that I had the ability to put 10,000+ tags via the initial with no issues I expect similar efficiency from the cordless variation. But only time will certainly tell.