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How To Use Ebay’s New Listing Tool To Add Video To Your Listings | ItsAHazardLife
How To Use Ebay’s New Listing Tool To Add Video To Your Listings | ItsAHazardLife

Today we’re going to discuss’s brand-new listing tool, the good as well as the bad. It’s still in beta so not everybody has accessibility to it yet.

However I did start trying it out, and today I’m most likely to share what you can do with the brand-new tool. It is crafted towards video clip, to be able to get video clips onto your listings much more quickly, which is actually, really great for flippers like us.

In the past, if you wanted to upload your video to, you would certainly have to take a link from YouTube, put it right into a tool to convert it to HTML, and afterwards include it to your listing under the HTML tab. The trouble was that the video link remained in the description, not the pictures. So now with this new tool, a video clip will certainly look like the second thing in your photos.

If you have accessibility to the brand-new beta feature, when you go to your listing, the top right-hand edge will claim something like “Try our brand-new listing device.”

Show A Product Works

For us, eBay’s brand-new listing device is fantastic because we do greater profit items, and we sell less items throughout the year. It’s far better for us to have a video clip revealing our big item working, showing that this utilized product functions as it should. So not just can a customer see the pictures, but the customer is also able to see the video, as well as gain confidence in the product that they’re acquiring due to the fact that they can see it functioning.

With our business model of selling higher dollar items, individuals would love to see items functioning prior to they press the “Buy Now” button. Adding a video clip will certainly additionally assist set your product in addition to other listings for the same product.

An additional advantage is that you have that video to show eBay as well, in case something happens throughout the delivery or on the customer’s end after receiving the thing.

Things To Note About Video

If you sell a great deal of products it could be lengthy to take video clip for every one of those things. The other thing to remember is clutter matters for video clips as well. Much like with pictures, you want a clean clutter-free video. Make it presentable.

The video piece is not yet mobile-friendly, although that could be coming in the future. So it’s an additional action if you prefer to detail on mobile. If you set up your listings on your phone, you would just have to go to the computer system to add the video clip.

An additional thing to note is that video clips have to be reviewed by eBay before they go live for quality control. This suggests it’ll take a video generally 24 to two days to examine, however approximately 7 days depending on their workload or capability.

I’ve used this function twice because the beta was launched, and also I am really, very delighted concerning what it can do for resellers. Have you attempted using video clip on eBay’s new listing device? What was your experience with it? Share below!